Corozal Free Zone Shopping Center

Belize Investment Real Estate

Commercial property

Property Code: C091415
Asking Price: $1,500,000 USD – Price Negotiable
Location: Entrance of the Corozal Free Zone
Type: Business Investment Property

Contact Information:

Howard Oldham
(501) 610-1622

Property Description:

(excerpt from valuation report in 2014 by P.B. Sebastian)
The Property is the first Commercial Plaza at the entrance of the Commercial Free Zone, a short distance from the newly built International bridge between Belize and Mexico. It has an 85 ft. well with running water, integrated telephone lines and electricity to all 12 units or stores at the Plaza with a modern parking facility for approximately 50 cars. The upper second floor accommodates 12 storage areas as a warehouse for each of the stores below.

Property Information:

The property is in a prime location at the entrance of the Commercial Free Zone and has the following features:

  1. Walls: Internal and external walls are of masonry blocks. They are completely rendered, painted and are in very good condition.
  2. Floors: The floor at all levels are of ceramic tiles.
  3. Roof: The roof is of concrete with a final finish of sheet rock roofing tiles and projected with metal canopies which erected over all the windows.
  4. Ceiling: The ceiling in sections of the first floor and the entire second floor are of suspended foam blocks.
  5. Windows: The ground floor is fitted with a combination of aluminum and glass louver windows. At the first and second floor level, the windows are all glass louvers and are all protected with decorated iron grills (burglar bars) and with hurricane shutters.
  6. Doors: The doors are imported with decorated iron grills with glass (colonial style) and are all protected with iron curtains.
  7. Parking: The parking lot is made of fully cement and decorated Colonial floor bricks (red) with a ground floor 80ft x 100ft.
  8. Superstructure: It must be mentioned that there was no evidence of defects because of possible settlement. The visible sections of the superstructure displayed well-built reinforced beams and columns throughout. The entire structure appears to be in a very good state of repairs.
  9. Services: The Commercial Free Zone provides garbage collections and other auxiliary services.
  10. Excellent Business Location: The plaza is located on Freedom Avenue which is the main thoroughfare through the Commercial Free Zone. There are several are several businesses in the area that help generate business – a number of gas stations near the plaza and they create a lot of commercial traffic and there are casinos, operating directly in front of the property, that generate excellent foot traffic.
  11. Water Cisterns: There are four water cisterns on the roof of the building each with a capacity of 1,000 gallons to provide for the water needs of all the store units below.

Because of these developments and booming Free Zone business, there is an increasing demand for scarce in prime locations like the location of the plaza.

(Prices, terms, conditions and availability subject to changes without prior notice or obligation)